My introduction to git

Couple of years ago I decided to start using Linux at home. I had Epson Scanner and some special Windows software to work with that. Linux software for that scanner was a bit worse that time thus I decided to make Windows software work under Linux. To do that I dowloaded git repository of WINE project. That was how I started my acquaintance with the git. To start working on the task I had to merge USB devices support patch made by Alexander Morozov long time before the moment I downloaded actual version of WINE. (And a couple of WINE releases before that.) I was impressed with the ease of merging the patches into old release and rebasing the patched branch onto master branch.

That time I learned git commands: am, apply, format-patch, commit, rebase, log. That was awesome.

I spent approximately two months working on the taks in the evenings. And was able to make Windows software to start and even couple of calls detecting the scanner succeeded, but after that I stuck. During the work I learned some inetersting details about USB devices support in Windows. But more I learned better I understood how much I would have to learn to continue. Moreover by that time better support of my scanner under linux was introduced. And that level of support was enough for my needs. Thus I stopped my work on the task and published more or less valuable results on the Web. By this moment the results are temporarily not available because were published on hosting that I do not pay for any more. I'll publish them once again if find time and desire for that.